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About Us


For a long time now both Fiona and I have been pondering over the idea of working and owning a fabric shop but, unbeknown to each other!  We just sort of voiced our interests at the same time and the result is, we purchased The Quilters Barn in July 2014.

Fiona Higgins has lived in Marlborough since 1986, hailing from the Hawkes Bay region. Fiona is a farmer and has interests in patchwork, quilting, and sewing, cross stitch, tapestry, knitting and many more handcrafts.  She has four children and four grandchildren and has been quilting for 19 years. Her interest in owning a fabric shop has been in the back of her mind for a long time. Fiona is also a qualified wool classer!

As for me, Venice Langrope.  As a young girl and the organization called Brownies, I started experimenting with fabric with the help and guidance of my mother, our Brown Owl leader. After this stage I started to make clothes and came up with many interesting creations. My passion and obsession for fabric started and hasn’t stopped.  I am a magpie and gather old fabrics, buttons, tins, laces, braids etc., and love recycling!  Too many ideas, many lost forever, but new ones take their place! I am a Long arm quilter and stitch quilts together for customers.  I have four grown children, four step children and an ever loving and understanding husband (who also has magpie tendencies!). Life is never dull!   


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The Vines Village
193 Rapaura Rd
Marlborough 7273

Ph : 035727240

Open 7 days

Winter Hours  -  7 May - 3rd Sept 2018

9:30 am - 4:30 pm 

Late Night Tuesday - 8.00 closing