Quilters Help Desk

Quilting Basics

A quilt is made up of:

1. The pieced or patchwork top

2. The middle padding called batting 

3. The backing fabric

4. The quilt binding

 Selecting Fabric

Select good quality 100% cotton fabrics where possible

Quilting fabrics measure 44" or 112cm wide 

Fat Quarter - a cut of fabric approx  20” x 22” (50cm x 55cm)

Fat Eighth - a cut of fabric half the width of a Fat Quarter or 10" x 22" 

Pay attention to the scale and size of the prints you choose as well as coordinating the colours

 Tools to Get Started

1/4 inch sewing foot

Cutter - Choose a good quality Rotary Cutter as you will need to use this tool often.  

Self Healing Mat - Get as bigger mat as you have room for

Rulers - Rulers come in many shapes and sizes.  Choose a long rectangular ruler and a Square ruler to get you startedf

Pins - Flat head long pins are recommended

Fabric Marker - Water erasable

Seam Ripper - Keep it handy 

Construction Tips

A Quilt is measured in inches

Measure twice cut once!

A quilting seam allowance is 1/4 of an inch

Choose a pattern that is not too challenging for your first quilt - straight lines are easier than curves

Remember when you are learning if you make a mistake it can easily be fixed.  Once you creation is quilted you will not notice small errors so do not give up!

Standard Quilt Sizes

Cot -      36” x 47”       92cm x 120cm

Single  -  70” x 86”       180cm x 220cm

King Single  -   70” x 95”       130cm x 230cm

Double  -  85” x 90”            200cm x 220cm

Queen  -  90” x 95”              220cm x 230cm

King  -   105” x 95”              260cm x 260cm

Super King  -  110” x 95”       280cm x 230cm

These measurements are a guide only

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